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HIV testing and counselling Services at Medix Pharmacy

Are you feeling anxious about your HIV status or do you require an HIV test to be done for insurance purposes, then why don’t you visit the Medix Pharmacy clinic where our nursing sister, as well as our pharmacists, are fully trained with regards to HIV pre-test as well as post-test counselling.

Whilst prevention is better than cure, we at Medix pharmacy firmly believe that we need to play a bigger role in removing the stigma associated with a person who is diagnosed as HIV positive. From experience, we can almost with certainty say that HIV patients can continue leading normal productive lives in society with proper care, guidance, counseling and medication regimen.

We hope to be a community pharmacy where patients would feel free to discuss any issues, be it personal or health-related with our trained staff. In keeping with our motto, ” Your health. Our passion”, we will strive to be a pharmacy that provides top-class one on one personal care to all our patients. In our eyes quality is better than quantity.

An HIV test would involve a few easy steps. One or two blood drops are collected and placed in a sample well. Two to four drops of a diluent liquid are placed into the sample well as well. The results are then acquired within ten minutes.

If there are no HIV antibodies present in the bloodstream, a pink line will appear next to the letter C..C stands for control. If HIV antibodies are present in the bloodstream, then two lines will appear. One next to C (control) and the other line next to the letter T ( Test).

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