Mom And Baby Wellness program

Date: February 7, 2015 Category:

Have you just given birth to a newborn baby or are you expecting a baby and not too sure about how to handle your little one in terms of breastfeeding and nutrition, have no fear when Medix is near.. A visit to our clinic will definitely take away all your fears and put your mind at ease. Our friendly nursing sister who has a special knack with kids will definitely provide you with all the information you require. Our clinic also specializes in child developmental assessments . These assessments would include weight and height measurements along with other physical examinations. If you require information on breastfeeding or using the correct milk formula for your child feel free to contact Sister Veronica. Parents can bring their little ones to the clinic as well for those all important immunizations. The clinic also has a family planning program for women. Emergency contraception is also given to women under the supervision of qualified health care professionals.

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